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United States A-Class Catamaran Association

Existing A-Cats and the Foiling Future

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The A-Class is in the midst of a foil evolution, and most boat owners must be wondering how this affects them.

The following is a question from Bob Hodges and the answer from Peter-Jan Dwarshuis at DNA. Thanks to Bob and Peter for sharing.

Hi PJ,

Hope all is well for you and the weather is getting warmer for good sailing.

I have a question for you. Would a retrofit of a DNA to top insert J boards allow a fit in the future of bottom insert boards if Rule 8 is removed from the A-Class rules and bottom insert boards are allowed?

I would hope to only do a major modification to my boat once to allow the flexibility for both.

Thanks for any insight.

Best Regards,
Bob Hodges


First North American Intergalactic Championship in June!

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For the first time there will be North American and Intergalactic championships in June.  We are unsure how these two geographies were combined into one event, but clearly they overlap.  :)

There is an NOR amendment for the race here: pdfAmendments_to_Notice_of_Race_2_April_4_1014.pdf


Training Camp at Fort Walton Beach

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A three day training camp is being organized to take place May 16, 17, and 18 at Fort Walton Yacht Club in Fort Walton Beach, FL with Randy Smyth as coach. We are trying to make this a successful and productive camp for everyone whether you want to ramp up your skills sailing an A-Class or if you are getting ready for the North American championship in June. The number of sailors who attend will determine the final format but it will be a combination of boatspeed/tuning, boathandling, and race skills development. The smaller the group, the more the bias will probably be towards boatspeed and tuning. The larger the group, the more the bias will be towards race skills (starting, boathandling, and lots of short races).

Randy has a flat rate of $700 per 8 hour day. We are trying to setup for ½ day on the 16th, a full day on the 17th, and a ½ day on the 18th so his total bill to us should be around $1,400. If we get 8-10 sailors, that's very reasonable. If you have never done a training camp format with Randy, he is the best there is in terms of observation and analysis and I guarantee you that you can come away a better A-Class sailor. The venue is the same that was used for the 2009 North Americans. The weather should be warm but not too hot and if we have good sea breezes, the water is fairly flat which should be similar to the venue in North Carolina. I'm hoping that we can make these types of training camps more popular in the class. It's a great way to get together and have a lot of fun and get better at sailing our boats.

If you are interested in participating, please e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Admirals Cup on Facebook!

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Join the Admrial's Cup on Facebook this weekend!  We've made an event page for the regatta.  Please contibute and follow along whether you can attend or not!


2014 Ronstan A Class Catamaran Midwinters Report

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The Ronstan A Class Catamaran Midwinters was an excellent regatta, first off thanks to Ben Moon and Ronstan for sponsoring the regatta, and DIYC for hosting us. Starting the regatta on Friday, the first race was light and shifty, maybe four knots, but there were greater and lesser patches spread all across the course. Coming off the start, the fleet split and by the top mark, Jeremy Herrin and Ben Moon had sailed the smartest beat, and were at least 30 seconds ahead, behind them it was anyone's race fighting for third with a large part of the fleet concentrated right at the mark. The real excitement began on the second beat when the fleet went right and Jeremy and Ben got caught out left. By the finish, which had been moved to the top mark, the fleet had been condensed even further, and thanks to the persistent righty, the top 5 had finished within about 20 seconds of each other, about as much excitement as can be had in near drifting conditions! Race two was started in a building sea breeze of 10 knot after the postponement. Once again, the fleet was tight, but Jeremy and Ben had returned to the top, each sailing very well. The last race of the day was in 12-15, and once again was a competitive one. Upwind Ben and Woody Cope were in a class of their own, and Jeremy and myself were able to keep it tight by pressing hard on the wire downwind. On Saturday, the breeze once again filled late and filled firmly to around 10 kts. Again, the breeze was variable, with a land bend on the right, and breeze in the top left, and the only way to have a good beat was to connect the pressure as most of the fleet was sailing fast upwind. Sunday came with not enough pressure to race, but the race committee did an excellent job getting off 6 quality races over the previous two days. Overall, this was a really fun regatta, and a great opportunity to ponder the future of the class with many sailors. One thing is for sure, everybody is having a great time sailing these boats and the racing is very competitive. Unfortunately, without tightening rule 8, the class will certainly move out of the price range of many sailors, myself included, and become increasingly more difficult to sail, leaving the fleet as a whole less competitive and smaller. Thanks to everyone involved for making this an excellent regatta, and I'm looking forward to the next one!

Sam Armington


Congratulations Glenn!

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The 2014 A-Class World Championships in Tapakuna, NZ was a fantastic event.  Congratulations Glenn Ashby!

Final Results (Top 10 of 81; 9 races, 1 discard)
1. Glenn Ashby (AUS), 1-2-1-(82/DNF)-2-1-1-3-2; 13 points
2. Blair Tuke (NZL), (15)-9-3-4-3-2-4-1-4; 30
3. Peter Burling (NZL), 11-3-2-5-1-(15)-9-4-5; 40
4. Andrew Landenberger (AUS), 8-4-9-2-4-4-2-9-(12); 42
5. Ray Davies (NZL), 7-6-4-(15)-10-3-11-5-3; 49
6. Nathan Outteridge (AUS), 12-1-17-6-6-(48)-8-2-1; 53
7. Scott Anderson (AUS), 2-5-7-14-(15)-8-5-6-7; 54
8. Brad Collett (AUS), 3-19-8-8-13-6-3-10-(24); 70
9. Adam Beattie (AUS), 6-8-20-3-8-17-14-7-(27); 83
10. Steve Brewin (AUS), 13-(82/BFD)-15-7-5-16-20-8-11; 95

Click here for final results.
Click here for event photo gallery.
Click here for photos by Chris Cameron.

Some great article covering the event:

Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Sailing World


Day 3 video from NZ

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Nathan Outteridge on Foiling and Setup

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